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Payment term and payment method requirements
Payment term and payment method requirements

Learn more on payment term and payment method.

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There are various requirements regarding payment types and payment terms depending upon your subscription.

Month to month contracts

Invoices are due upon receipt and payments are strictly required to be made via credit card or direct debit only.

3 months/6 months/12 months contracts

Payment term is net 30 days from invoice date and invoices can be paid via credit card, direct debit or bank transfer.

Depending upon the invoice’s currency, payments need to be settled into a specific bank account. For example, USD invoices need to be paid to USD bank account. Bank accounts details are located on the invoices for all 3/6/12 months contracts.

Bank account details are not located in month to month invoices as payments strictly need to be on direct debit/credit card.

You’re able to pay by credit card through a payment link in your invoice or via your subscription management portal, referring to the steps here. We do not take credit card payments over the phone.

Payment process and payment reference

If you’re paying by bank transfer, it is important to provide us with an accurate payment reference to ensure timely allocation of funds. Your invoice number is required to be quoted in the payment reference and bank remittance to be emailed to [email protected], learn more about providing payment reference here.

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