❗️Error: Seems that your code is not valid, please check and retry

This error occurs during login when you are asked to enter a 6-digit code from your Authenticator app

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) requires that you provide an authentication code in addition to your username and password. This authentication code is generated by an authenticator application.

During the MFA setup you will be asked to configure the authenticator app for your account, either by scanning a QI code or entering a secret code. The authenticator app will now provide you with a 6-digit code which changes every 30 seconds.

This error indicates that the generated 6-digit code does not match what is expected by the Ansarada application.

Solution 1 - Double check the one-time code

Double-check that you have correctly entered the one-time code into the Authenticator application. Alternatively, you can import the code into your Authenticator application by scanning the QR code, which will eliminate typo errors.

Solution 2 - Sync time

The device running the authenticator application needs to have the correct date and time in order to correctly generate the code. If you have no internet access, the authenticator application will still successfully work as long as the device time is still correct.

If you are using Google Authenticator on Android, you can use the “Time sync” feature. Within the Google Authenticator app, open the Settings, and in the “Time correction for code” section select Sync now.

This can also be corrected by enabling automatic date and time settings on your phone.

iPhone - Turn on Set Automatically in Settings > General > Date & Time.
Android - Turn on Automatic date and time in Settings > General Management > Date and Time.

Solution 3 - Try a different authenticator app

Ansarada supports a range of authenticator applications, including-

Try using a different authenticator application.

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