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E-commerce Digital Quote Hub: Subscribe and activate plan
E-commerce Digital Quote Hub: Subscribe and activate plan

Self-serve and start your deals immediately, with unlimited prep - no need to talk to a salesperson.

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ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to people who have subscribed to Ansarada Advisor Freemium plan through e-commerce after February 5, 2024.

🎊 Introducing the new completely digital plan selection and quoting process.

🚀 From opening up a new free deal room, choosing the right plan (and changing your plan at any point to suit your specific deal needs), managing your subscription, transferring payment ownership to your clients, and finally billing & payment. All on your terms and in your time frame.

⚡You can now get your deal up and running, and going live within 30 minutes if you need to move at speed - and you’ll never have to lift up the phone or type out an email to do so.

Open a free deal room

  1. Visit or your custom Advantage Partner Loyalty page to choose your desired plan.

    💡Tip: Don't have your custom Advantage Partner Loyalty page yet? Drop us a message on the live chat, and we will be happy to provide further guidance on how to earn your rewards from the Advantage Partner Program. 😎

  2. Enter your details and we will email you the subscription details.

  3. Choose Open your FREE Data Room and follow the steps to access your free room.

⚠️Good to know: As the room has unlimited prep, you can invite the client to start sharing files straight away. There is no charge.

Activate your subscription

When you are ready to go live and invite Buy side / Investor, simply activate your subscription in the Room by following these steps:

💡Tip: You can create Buy side teams and add people to the teams before activating the subscription.

  1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Sell side or Buy side.

    ⚠️Good to know: The wording on the internal and external tabs for managing Teams/people under the Left menu changes based on the Room’s transaction type. Learn more here.

  2. You will see the Activate your subscription section on the top of the page, select Activate subscription now.

  3. A new screen will display for activating the subscription. If you own the subscription, scroll down and choose I will own the subscription.

    🔄 Alternatively, you can transfer subscription ownership to your client with ease. Check out this guide for the how-to and skip the following steps.

  4. Click Next step to choose your subscription plan and preferred payment.

  5. Click Next step to review and confirm your subscription details.

  6. Click Enter billing & payment details to update the details. You can enter your client's billing information (billing contact's name, email address, phone number and billing address) here if they would like to receive a copy of the invoice.
    If you opt to pay via credit card or direct debit, enter your credit card or direct debit details on the subscription portal as well.

  7. You are all set and can invite Buy side / Investor now. 🎉
    Follow this guide on how to send invites.

Transfer subscription ownership to your client

At Ansarada, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. Our digital and automation features, including the ability to transfer subscription ownership, are just one way we strive to make your life easier.

If you're not up for keeping the subscription all to yourself and your client wants to be in charge, no sweat! It's super easy to transfer the subscription ownership. Your client can activate the subscription and get things rolling before going live.

👉 Check out this guide for the how-to – it's as easy as pie!

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