To troubleshoot issues, we may require a HAR file which records network traffic and to highlight where any issues occur during the network requests. 

Internet Explorer

  1. Select Tools.

2. Select More Tools.
3. Select Developer Tools.
4. Select the Network tab.
5. Select Preserve Log.
6. Ensure that the circle to the left is red. This means the capture has started.
7. Refresh the page to reproduce the problem.
8. Once the problem appears, right click on the activity pane and select Save HAR with content and save the file to your drive.
9. Select the Console tab.
10. Right click anywhere and select Save as and save the file to your drive.
11. Send both files to Ansarada Client Success to analyse. 

 ⚠️ Before sending the HAR file to Ansarada, ensure to remove/censor any sensitive information using a text editor (i.e. remove passwords, etc).

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