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To get started, please visit the page below. You can sign up online in no time and receive free access to the full suite of Ansarada tools.

After you select your paid subscription at the end of your trial or free access, please note you are unable to change it until the end of your contracted period. Please ensure you select the correct data plan to suit you and your customers’ needs. You can view additional costs for exceeding your data subscription plan online below.

When your contract comes towards the end of the contracted period we send a reminder to your nominated billing contact to advise of renewal options. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so by following the steps here to disable the room before the end of your billing cycle.

Viewing your data use

If you are assigned a room role as Administrator or Viewer you would be able to find the Room size report by clicking on the Reports tab in your room. The room size will include all data (including enabled and disabled files). This report shows the data size of your room as well as lists billable users if your contract is on a per user pricing with us.

You can also view your room use by clicking on the data gauge as shown below.

📌 Please note if you exceed your data tier, you will be charged for additional data packs. If you remove the additional data, the overage charges will still apply as credits are not given for reduction of data.

⚠️ Please also note the data gauge shows your highest room size for the day (not the billable room size) and includes all enabled, disabled and deleted documents. The data gauge refreshes daily at 12am Sydney time when deleted documents from the previous day are no longer included in this report.

If you have any questions, concerns, feedback or would like to say hello please reach out to our global support teams via Live Chat or email [email protected] - we would like to hear from you!

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