If MFA is turned on by the Administrator of one or more rooms that you have access to on the Ansarada platform, you can follow these steps upon your next login to access your deal room and/or Pathway. If you would like to know more about turning on MFA for your room, please reach out to our Client Services team for more details.

1. The first step will not change. Upon accessing Ansarada, enter your email address and password like always.

2. Next, you'll be required to use your Authenticator app of choice (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, etc.) to scan the QR code provided to you.

OR if you are unable to scan using your smartphone, you can manually enter the unique enrolment code provided to you in your Authenticator app.

3. Upon successful enrolment, your Authenticator app will start generating a One Time Password (OTP) that resets every 30 seconds. This will be used to login, along with your email address and Ansarada password moving forward.

⚠️Good to know: Upon successful enrolment, you'll also be asked to save a recovery code that can be used to override your MFA (in case you lose access to your Authenticator app.)

4. Now that your enrolment is completed, you can use your Authenticator app to enter your 6 digit code upon each new login.

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